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Violence. Substance abuse. Cheating to win. Welcome to Australian kids television in the 90s! Join Monkey Boy, Swinny & Mike for The Ferals Podcast – an in-depth look at the Australian cult-classic children’s TV show The Ferals. Aired between ’94 and ‘95 on the Australian Broadcasting Network (ABC), the show has since fallen into obscurity – and it’s up to us to bring it back out of the mothballs, dammit! Listen in utter amazement as we breakdown the exploits of Rattus P. Rattus, Modigliana, Derrin and Mixy as they plot against their evil landlord Joe King, with the aid of their student friends Robbie and Leonard. Oh, there’s also Keith the Koala. He’s awesome. So prepare yourself for a headfirst, one-way trip into the bizarre, violent – and at times, frankly disturbing world of The Ferals!
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Jan 11, 2016

Ah sequels, where would we be without them? Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood, Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, Speed 2: Cruise Control... my life would have no meaning!

In this final of our two-part wrap up show, we delve into a mega-credits segment that looks at the amazing cast and crew involved in creating The Ferals, and their other notable career highlights... well, at least those we can track down via IMDB. Some true private eye-level investigations there, folks.

We also cover our best and worst episodes (thanks to the stat-master Monkey Boy), general Season 2 'awards' and overall favourite moments from the podcast itself. Oh, and Swinny totally won the fan-voted VIP award. Completely legit. What a legend.
So with that being said - from Monkey Boy, Swinny and Mike - thanks for all the laughs and goodbye!

Top 5 episodes

  1. S02E15 Fossil Fools, average rating 10.0
  2. S01E09 Modigliana, average rating 9.3
  3. S01E13 True Romance, average rating 9.0
  4. S02E12 Four Ferals and A Wedding, average rating 8.3
  5. S02E07 School's Out, average rating 8.3

Bottom 4 episodes

  1. S01E15 Seasons Greedings, average rating 2.7
  2. S02E05 Rent A Pet, average rating 3.3
  3. S01E03 Couch Potatoes, average rating 3.7
  4. S01E07 Fifteen Seconds of Fame, average rating 3.7

Most divisive episode

  • Ratty Ratty Bang Bang, Monkey Boy rating 9, Swinny rating 6, Mike rating 3

Season One vs Two

  • Overall average rating 6.2 +/- 2.1
  • Season One average rating 5.9 +/- 2.2
  • Season Two average rating 6.6 +/- 2.0
  • Season Two is 11.7% better than season one

Reviewer stats

  • Mike average rating 6.8 +/- 1.7
  • Monkey average rating 5.8 +/- 2.2
  • Swinny average rating 6.1 +/- 2.4

Ferals Pie Lyrics
About six months ago
Monkey Boy had an idea for a very peculiar show
Maybe it was that nostalgia twitch
Childhood feels that caused this itch
Or maybe he just didn't have a job for a while

But when he pitched this strange idea
Mike and Swinny weren't so sincere
They wouldn't commit to more than
The first season, if that

Now we remember feeling low
By Episode 3, Couch Potatoes
But our doubts faded out
As we became true fans of the show

So bye, bye Ferals Podcast, goodbye
Drove the listeners insane with our antics at times
With Monkey Boy dragging Swinny & Mike,
Right into a show that exemplifies
Gratuitous violence and lies

[Verse 1]
And if Mike wrote the book of love
Then the very first line would be etched in stone
Shit – you wanna grab a coffee?
Still it was one effective line
Got him the girl, at least half the time
Well – maybe just the ones who spoke English

But Mike was a deeply tortured soul
QBasic gorillas torment him so
But the podcast exorcised
He's now QBasically alive again

He was a lonely flea-ridden immigrant
Wearing his awesome fake Adidas pants
But he knew it was his second chance
The day we started the show

But now we're saying bye, bye Ferals Podcast, goodbye
Drove the listeners insane with our antics at times
And good old Mike will curse till the day that he dies
Saying 'Screw that Future Luke and his plans'
'Screw that Future Luke and his plans'

I met a man in Officeworks
And I asked him if he needed help
But he just pointed at his headphones and shrugged
Then he went to the grocery store
To buy some tongues and seed clusters
And other various pink dollar products

That man's name was Dave Dobbins
But not the famous kiwi one
An object of obsession
Swinny's slice of heaven

And to the one listener we never bribed
Superfan Leigh, that awesome guy
He finally unsubscribed
The day the podcast died

Now we're saying, bye, bye Ferals Podcast, goodbye
Drove the listeners insane with our antics at times
These three men leave through the Doom Door, it'll cry
Screaming 'doom door sound'
'doom door sound'

Now we're saying, bye, bye Ferals Podcast, goodbye
Drove the listeners insane with our antics at times
Now Monkey Boy, Swinny & Mike
Are saying – thanks for all the laughs and goodbye

Jan 4, 2016

Alas, it's all over, the last _fresh_ Ferals-related recording from us; yes, we still have our best of season two as a final release. But wait, in our obvious subconscious desperation to hold on to any semblance of a show that provides us three with a scintilla of meaning in our life, we've run over time. Yes, a whopping Peter-Jackson-worthy three and a half hours of raw uncooked Ferals deconstruction goodness. We've decided to split the recording into two parts: 1) First Wrapup and 2) Ferals: First Wrapup Part II.

What you'll get in this episode: an in-depth _Charlie Rose_-esque panel interview our of #2 Superfan Leigh, our take of the Ferals Extended Universe (EU) including Feral TV and the Ferals Fantastic Funbook and close it off with some random Ferals trivia.

Join Monkey Boy, Swinny, Mike and Superfan Leigh as they revisit the bizarre, violent – and at times, frankly _disturbing_ world of Australian children's TV show, The Ferals!

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