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Violence. Substance abuse. Cheating to win. Welcome to Australian kids television in the 90s! Join Monkey Boy, Swinny & Mike for The Ferals Podcast – an in-depth look at the Australian cult-classic children’s TV show The Ferals. Aired between ’94 and ‘95 on the Australian Broadcasting Network (ABC), the show has since fallen into obscurity – and it’s up to us to bring it back out of the mothballs, dammit! Listen in utter amazement as we breakdown the exploits of Rattus P. Rattus, Modigliana, Derrin and Mixy as they plot against their evil landlord Joe King, with the aid of their student friends Robbie and Leonard. Oh, there’s also Keith the Koala. He’s awesome. So prepare yourself for a headfirst, one-way trip into the bizarre, violent – and at times, frankly disturbing world of The Ferals!
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Oct 12, 2015

If somebody travelled back in time and told past-me 12 months ago, that future-me would be 19 episodes deep into an in-depth podcast deconstructing The Ferals, I’m sure that past-me would simply shake his head and not believe them.

Future-me would then get totally bummed out by that, and take it upon himself to also travel back in time, but this time further - 32 years ago. Unfortunately, since the time machine (named the Temporal Transfer Field) can only send living tissue back in time, future-me (now 32 years in the past) would have to go to a nearby bar and steal clothes and a motorbike in order to travel to past-me’s mother’s house. At the same time, sensing the danger she is in, Mike is also sent back 32 years into the past to protect her, ultimately finding her in a nightclub and saving her from future-me. Together, Mike and past-me’s mother escape future-me, narrowly avoid death in a high-speed pickup truck chase and hide out in a factory. Together they destroy future-me by crushing him (me) in a hydraulic press, and celebrate by procreating in a dodgy motel room to ultimately create past-me in 9 months.

© 2015 Swinny Costello

In Episode S02E04 of The Ferals, we get a continuation of Robbie & Lenny’s apartment woes, the Ferals raising money via questionable methods, an omniscient alien disco ball and one heck of a violent landlord.

Listen as Monkey Boy, Swinny & Mike delve into the bizarre, violent – and at times, frankly disturbing world of Australian children’s TV show, The Ferals!

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